The Guide To Giving Wedding Speeches That Move Crowds To Tears

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the_guide_to_giving_wedding_speeches_that_moves_crowds_to_tearsWriting and delivering a wedding speech is a very challenging task in a wedding reception. If you are the maid of honor, best man, or the couple’s parents, it really takes great creativity, innovation, writing skills, and speaking prowess to say kind words and appreciation to the couple. And, if you are the couple, finding the perfect words to say to express your gratitude and happiness is one tough job that needs to be carefully deliberated.

You can say that you have delivered a great and effective wedding speech is you make the crowd cry—either with tears of joy or you have really touched their souls because of your beautiful love story. It is not easy writing and delivering a wedding speech, but if you have the proper guide to follow, nothing is impossible in creating your very own powerful and moving wedding speech.

  • If you are the bride, do not be ashamed to share your love story. In your bride wedding speech, start from the time when you and your husband met. If you have encountered difficulties or trials in your relationship that are worth telling, you can say it and provide insights on how you two have solved the problems. Guests will certainly be touched with the deep emotions you have felt while telling your love story with them.
  • Another tear-jerker idea for a wedding speech is for the groom to tell the crowd of how he won the heart of his bride. Guests will surely be touched over this crazy but beautiful labyrinth of love affair between the bride and the groom. It’s not particularly a sad story but the way the husband recalls their wonderful tale of courtship all the way to their engagement is just too magnificent worth crying. It’s just like watching your favorite love story movie or reading another best-seller novel.
  • For best man or maid of honor, it is also great to share with the crowd the ups and downs that their friends had to deal with while still in their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Reminiscing past experiences of the couple through their friend’s narration can really move the crowd to tears.
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Dong Rattanasinh

December 24, 2010

Great write up, bookmarked the blog for hopes to read more!