How To Write A Great Wedding Speech

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How_To_Write_A_Great_Wedding_SpeechA wedding day is something to be remembered and treasured forever. It’s a celebration of life and love and should be enjoyed by the couple, the couple’s family, relatives, and close friends. It’s an intimate and highly anticipated affair that should be planned perfectly.

When planning a wedding, choosing for people to give some insightful messages about the couple and the wedding is very important. Of course, the bride and the groom should definitely have something to say about the wedding and their love story. Usually, wedding planners give spots to the best man, maid of honor, father or mother of the bride, and father or mother of the groom. If you are given this task for the wedding, be prepared and come up with a great wedding speech to deliver when the wedding day arrives.

  • Sit down and make notes of what you will write as your wedding speech. Whether you are the bride, the groom, the best man, the main of honor, or the parents, you should carefully think about what things to say in front of a big crowd. If you are the bride, include in your bride wedding speech great appreciation to your husband as well as to all the people who made your wedding unforgettable.
  • Research can help you if it’s your first time writing or delivering a wedding speech. Find a good anecdote or saying which will make the guests all ears when you deliver your wedding speech.
  • Recollect some wonderful and funny moments with the couple. Avoid humiliating stories or memories during the bridal shower or stag party. Be aware that there are children and older people who are listening to your speech and might be offended of your stories.
  • Keep your wedding speech short and simple. Do not bore the guests with your long wedding speech as they might get sleepy and not enjoy the rest of the wedding reception. A great wedding speech should take just about 5-10 minutes.
  • Be sure to write an outline of your wedding speech. Keep a short note with you during the wedding toast in case you forget some parts of your speech due to nervousness. Anxiety is an inevitable feeling so better come prepared than sorry.
  • Be sincere when you pay tribute and words of admiration towards the bride and the groom. The couple entrusted you with this vital role in their wedding day, so be gracious and help make their day a truly memorable and enjoyable one.