Bride Wedding Speech – An Easy Writing Guide

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bride_wedding_speech_an_easy_writing_guideWriting a great wedding speech for your wedding day is one of the challenging parts of your wedding preparation. You have to invest some of your precious time in developing a perfect bride wedding speech at the reception.

There is no fool-proof guide when it comes to writing and delivering an entertaining bride wedding speech. It really depends on the personality of the bride who will be giving the speech. You do not have to be an excellent creative writer to write an effective bride wedding speech. It’s natural to feel nervous when delivering your wedding speech in front of a crowd. But, here are some guidelines to follow in writing your bride wedding speech.

  1. Keep the speech as simple and concise as possible. Do not write a very formal or boring speech. You have to remember that it’s your wedding and it’s supposed to be in high spirits.
  2. Write a sincere bride wedding speech. Your wedding speech must show your genuine emotions regarding the marriage and the life that you will share with your husband. Do not be afraid to let your guests feel what you are experiencing at the moment.
  3. Add a few funny anecdotes or humorous moments about your relationship. Liven up the whole atmosphere by delivering some jokes or humorous one-liners.
  4. Write an outline for your speech. It is always good to have some emergency backup when delivering a wedding speech. Write key points about your speech in a piece of paper so that you can glance once in a while if you ever forget some names or stories to tell.
  5. Ask your maid of honor of some help if you are having some difficulties writing or delivering your bride wedding speech. Do not hesitate to ask her assistance because this is still part of her assignment as your maid of honor.
  6. Do not forget to include your thank you when writing the wedding speech. The bride wedding speech must show great appreciation to all the guests, family members, close friend, and wedding planner for making your wedding day very successful, enjoyable, and memorable.

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Emelina Selig

December 24, 2010

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